1:1 Intensives

Service Overview:

1:1 intensives dig deep into the individual:

We start with internal mindset work to reflect on your values, strengths and your psychological mindset to build resilience and create growth. Mindset shifts and aligning to values are the most important part of the framework. Without these foundational pieces of work, you are creating action without meaning.

The foundation of values & mindset start to reveal and cultivate your development of purpose. As we start to cultivate more purpose in coaching, you will become more empowered to develop meaning, growth and drive in your career.

As we establish the initial growth, the other important areas of work can include but not limited to career strategies:

  • Career Branding- pitching your career in interviews, career development for promotions, developing an understanding how to create more leadership and visibility in your career.
  • Job searching - Insider knowledge and strategies to navigate the competitive job market
  • LinkedIn- Networking, job search, LinkedIn profile critiques
  • ResumeTips- Critique and tips on how to make resume be more searchable and stand out amongst the crowd of candidates

How I can help:

As a previous therapist, I understand how deeply rooted our future behavior, present actions, and growth potential are ingrained in the way we think. Creating a framework to build resilience, purpose and mindset strength is essential to not only finding a new job is such a competitive COVID-19 market, but also this approach continues to cultivate long term growth beyond today.

We are taught from a young age to choose one career and stick to it, but the days of 1 approach for 1 career are diminishing.  I can help you not only create more purpose, but begin to see the growth and create your own opportunities when all the doors in your career feel closed.  I help you discover the inner strength and resilience that is often covered up by years of doubt, comparison and (FILL IN HERE)

Who I can help:

Professionals with 1-10 years of experience. (GenZ or Millennials) that are just starting their career with 0 years of experience and need more clarity on navigating the complex job market, to millennials with 10 years that want to reinvent themselves.

Functional areas of speciality: Digital marketing, marketing, supply chain, tech, product, sales,  (FILL IN HERE)

What I strive to deliver for my clients:

  • Clarity in their career to transition into a new industry or role
  • A promotion
  • Career growth in current role
  • Landing a new job with higher pay

Ready to make a change? Let’s Work Together!

You work over 85,000 hours in your lifetime. Make every hour enjoyable through more Career Purpose & Meaning.

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Melissa G. (Santa Rosa, CA )
"Brittany was phenomenal to work with! Her coaching is so thorough and on point. I was struggling with articulating my story.... Her approach encourages you to dig deep and examine your why - truly aligning your goals and values. I am so excited and motivated! Highly, highly recommended!"
Halim B. (New York City)
"Brittany has added great value to my career in the past 3 months. She is an expert in career planning, resume building, and interviewing. Thanks to her guidance and expertise, I've seen great results in my recent interviews following her advice. I highly suggest that anyone on the job hunt to utilize her unique expertise."
Louann Z. (Hoboken NJ)
"The amount of information that I learned from Brittany in just three sessions is mind blowing! Brittany has helped me discover my purpose, regain my confidence, and has given me tips and recommendations on how to continue progressing beyond our sessions. She's worth every penny!"
Gabby V. (Chicago IL)
"Brittany was an amazing coach! She really challenged my mental roadblocks and helped me with my confidence. I deal with a lot of imposter syndrome and self doubt and Brittany really challenged me to reframe my thoughts. She helped me see a clearer picture of how to get myself noticed at my current job. Lastly, she helped me better communicate and express my interests so that I am the first person in mind when an opportunity arises."
A.J. (Los angeles ca)
"Before working with Brittany I was unclear and uncertain about what I wanted out of my next role, and career in general. Brittany was very patient as we worked through understanding my passions and motivations. Within a few months I had found a role that elevated my career, as well as aligned with my personal values and beliefs. If it wasn't for Brittany I'd likely be the same aimless curmudgeon that doesn't see the light at the end of the tunnel."