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8 Ways to Cultivate your "Why"

How many of us spend too much time articulating goals and HOW to achieve those goals, vs. going to the core and asking ourselves our WHY? Why these goals? Why this job? Why this business?

If you have not yet thought about your Why as an individual – stop and start now. And if you need more clarity why your core meaning is important, let’s think about why you are attracted to of of your favorite brands. If you start to break down the reasons “ why you love that brand, I bet there’s emotion behind your connection. You might at first say “I love Nike Shoes” but if you dig deeper, you might love Nike shoes because you remember that you accomplished your first marathon running in those shoes, or you fought through a tough game in those shoes. Emotion and meaning drive humans to connect and believe in that brand, person or company.

If you have never thought about the meaning behind you- your brand, then STOP and complete the below PDF!

In order to articulate and build out your brand, start with the 8 steps below. Continue to develop each question over time. Do not complete this in one sitting. Allow each answer to reveal itself. Take your time and enjoy the journey to creating your Why behind you, your brand, your life!

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