About me

Clinical Therapist, turned Corporate Recruiter, turned Mindset Career Coach.

I wake up everyday motivated to help others transform their lives through cultivating a more meaningful career.

Why I do what I do

The days of 1 job or 1 career path are over. We are a generation of purpose, meaning and constant growth, but we need help navigating that growth because it can feel very overwhelming to move through our career alone.


Turn your every day job into a more purposeful career.

About Me

I achieved my B.A. in Psychology from The Ohio State University and then graduated with her M.Ed., specializing in clinical mental health counseling from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. In my clinical therapy work, I treated adolescents to overcome abuse, trauma, anxiety and depression. Over time, I felt the drive to bring her passions of mental health, motivation and career development into the corporate world.

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For 7+ years now, I have  been a talent recruiter for various companies, agencies and now with the #1 Beauty Company in the world in New York City and now LA.  I am the creator of BWell Mindset LLC.   I help professional cultivate more meaning and growth in their career through 1:1 intensive coaching sessions and group career purpose mastermind.

My Experience

3+ Years
Manage recruitment for Digital & Marketing roles across the US.
Senior Manager Talent Acquisition
1 Year
Recruiter for Finance & Creative.
Associate Recruiter
2 Years
CS Recruiting
Recruiter for Supply Chain & Logistics jobs across the US.
Senior Recruiter
2+ Years
Related Midwest (Real estate developer)
Recruited Sales Brokers & as the President of Sales’s assistant
Assistant & Broker Recruiter
2 Years
UCAN (non-profit)
Therapist for adolescents diagnosed with substance abuse, major depression, bi-polar disorder and PTSD.
Clinical Therapist
I've collaborated with some great panels

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You work over 85,000 hours in your lifetime. Make every hour enjoyable through more Career Purpose & Meaning.

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