You work over 85,000 hours in your lifetime. Make every hour enjoyable through more Career Purpose & Meaning.

Transforming your career through more purpose, meaning and mindset shifts. Purpose is the #1 Disruptor - and through digging deep into internal mindset blocks, your inner values, strengths and self branding, I help you create a catalyst of growth in your career.

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About Me

I am a clinical therapist, turned corporate recruiter, turned Career & Mindset coach.

I help professionals find more meaning through internal mindset work, coupled with external career strategies.

My unique experience as a therapist & recruiter is key to help you reach your potential and work through career obstacles that are limiting your growth. Through motivational coaching, years of hiring at both agencies & internal corporate environments, and specific goals, we work together to help you see a clear picture of your strengths and maximize your future career.

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Melissa G. (Santa Rosa, CA )
"Brittany was phenomenal to work with! Her coaching is so thorough and on point. I was struggling with articulating my story.... Her approach encourages you to dig deep and examine your why - truly aligning your goals and values. I am so excited and motivated! Highly, highly recommended!"
Halim B. (New York City)
"Brittany has added great value to my career in the past 3 months. She is an expert in career planning, resume building, and interviewing. Thanks to her guidance and expertise, I've seen great results in my recent interviews following her advice. I highly suggest that anyone on the job hunt to utilize her unique expertise."
Louann Z. (Hoboken NJ)
"The amount of information that I learned from Brittany in just three sessions is mind blowing! Brittany has helped me discover my purpose, regain my confidence, and has given me tips and recommendations on how to continue progressing beyond our sessions. She's worth every penny!"
Gabby V. (Chicago IL)
"Brittany was an amazing coach! She really challenged my mental roadblocks and helped me with my confidence. I deal with a lot of imposter syndrome and self doubt and Brittany really challenged me to reframe my thoughts. She helped me see a clearer picture of how to get myself noticed at my current job. Lastly, she helped me better communicate and express my interests so that I am the first person in mind when an opportunity arises."
A.J. (Los angeles ca)
"Before working with Brittany I was unclear and uncertain about what I wanted out of my next role, and career in general. Brittany was very patient as we worked through understanding my passions and motivations. Within a few months I had found a role that elevated my career, as well as aligned with my personal values and beliefs. If it wasn't for Brittany I'd likely be the same aimless curmudgeon that doesn't see the light at the end of the tunnel."
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Ready to make a change? Let’s Work Together!

You work over 85,000 hours in your lifetime. Make every hour enjoyable through more Career Purpose & Meaning.

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